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Top Factions Prizes for our Current factions Map!


Hello RandomCrafters!
We are happy to announce that our 5th Factions Map has a running Event with 500$ Prize Pool!
We will be giving our Top 3 Factions Based on their Value.
Whenever you create a Faction, Every land on the map that your Faction owns, Will have everything inside it calculated towards the Faction Value. You can view the top Factions by using the /F TOP Command. The more valuable the items inside the claimed land, The more value it gives. For example, Some spawners have higher value than the others, Iron Golem Gives > Pig spawner (View Spawners tiers in-game).

Please note that item values change based on items rarity in the map. So it changes!

Top 3 Factions Prizes:

F-TOP 1: 100$ PayPal, 100$ Store Credits.
F-TOP 2: 85$ PayPal, 85$ Store Credits.
F-TOP 3: 65$ PayPal$, 65$ Store Credits.

If you have anymore questions, Feel free to ask down below!
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You're gonna give the prizes only to the faction's leader, right?
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