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Accepted Unban Briksawse

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Minecraft Username. My MC username is Briksawse

Ban reason. Refusing to screen share (which I actually happy was going to do, even said in chat I would, I had to do something irl)

Which staff member banned you? Deprecito (polo on discord)

Length of your ban. 3 days

Explain why you think we should unban you? There is NO proof of me hacking, I was going to SS, I had to do something, logged out because of my little brothers tendencies to touch my PC and screw stuff up, and was banned for no reason. This mod was not even online for most of the time I was fighting the accuser. I only fought them 1 time when the mod was online, and even then the mod wasn't watching. This deeply angers me that I can get banned for refusing (which i didn't) to screen share, even though nowhere in the rules does it say I have to comply (i was being nice and complying anyway).

Additional Information.
I know its a 3 day ban, its not that long. But it is completely undeserved. I just wanted to have a fun time on the server, and people like this ruin it. The mod didn't even care to find any proof. The accuser not only was extremely toxic, making fun of my dead mother, hinting towards sexual stuff with my mother, and even saying that they hope I get cancer, and laughing about it.


You were setting off multiple alerts and u got reported by a player. I spectated you for a bit and decided to ss you. When i asked u said "brb" i gave u abt 2 mins and realised u had logged off.
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