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Skyblock Wiki page

What is SkyBlock?
Our skyblock gamemode has multiple things you need to keep up with. Here are the most important thing to keep in mind

Creating your island: Click here
Use the /island to start. You can track the islands leaderboards using /island top

Unlocking collections: Click here
Inside your player menu, You can view your collections progress. You will unlock a lot of important items by leveling up your collections

Leveling up Battlepass: Click here
The Battlepass will give you different types of rewards based on quests you complete. View your progress using the player menu

Class system: Click here
You can select or change your class, Level it up and select custom skills to assist you in combat. View all the important class system info in your player menu

Competing in Dungeons:  Click here
There are multiple dungeons that you can queue up with your friends to get rare rewards from. Some dungeons are level limited until you unlock a certain battlepass tier!