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Skyblock Open Beta
 Call911 •   3 months ago •  2

Hey all!

Skyblock open beta has finally arrived! We think we are ready to let our community get a chance to test the gamemode before full release.

Here is what was changed from our Closed beta testing:

  • Complete store revamp
  • New skins, Crates and cosmetics
  • Added 2 more playable dungeons
  • Added more custom crafts to our collections
  • More detailed cut-scenes!
  • and much much more

 Summer Sale & New skin system

Our summer sale will start with the server full release. Which should be in 2 days if everything goes well. We plan on having a 50% off ranks, And give away many free Skyblock skins so you can all try them out!

► Discord revamp
We have unarchived alot of our channels and changed most of them. If you are interested in registering on our forums and getting your roles on discord, Follow the instructions we posted on Rank-sync discord channel

Join our discord using

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RandomCraft re-release
 Call911 •   3 months ago •  8

Hey Everyone!

I am happy to announce that our server will be re-releasing on July 2nd. The following things are expected when the server is released:

- New skyblock season

- New lobby​

We also would like to thank everyone that helped us test our server before we release it, And we will be offering all beta testers the following:

  • Custom name tag
  • Network experience booster
  • Access to new skyblock Emojis​

Join our discord for more updates. And give us feedback on the new website look!

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