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SkyBlock rework, Planned releases And more!
 Call911 •   about 1 month ago •  343

Hey everyone, 

In this post i will talk about the state of the server, And what we are planning on doing, And release some info about our new SkyBlock server!


▶️Why is the server under maintenance?

I have decided to rework the entire network. Some things may stay the same for players, But back-end will be a lot easier to work with.

I've lost motivation to work on the server before due to things being way more complicated than they should, And that meant only i was able to do anything significant on the server. Which wasn't ideal if we wanted to support a larger player-base

▶️ What gamemodes will the server have?

RandomCraft re-open, Bans reset and more!
 Call911 •   3 months ago •  383

Hello everyone!


Thanks for your patience, We took our time to re-open the server and now it is time.

We have reset ALL punishments because we now have a better staff system to make sure everyone is being punished fairly.


Skyblock Update:

We have added Runes and re-balanced enchantments, Along side fixing countless bugs and removing the leveling system (for now)


Our website is back!
 Call911 •   3 months ago •  350

Our website is back online!

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