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Skyblock + Lobby

_AlterEgo RCOwner posted Feb 14, 17

Hi all,

Skyblock is online again! Here is a list with updates:

  • F2P ranks added
  • New spawn
  • Auction house readded
  • New donor perms, check them out at /warp donate
  • Horses added but you can only use them once you're rank general
  • Marriage readded
  • Economy nerfed, might get buffed again I just want to see how things turn out
  • /trade added but you can only use it once youre RoyalKnight
  • Backpacks added
  • Disguise works again
  • Loterry added, Knight only
  • Job miner removed
  • Few Skyblock plugin changes
  • Armory shop has more items
  • And more!

Lobby changes:

  • More songs to annoy you with
  • Once a server restarts you will get connected to a lobby instantly
  • Using the compass won't warp you in front of a portal anymore, now it just connects you to a server instantly!
  • Second lobby added (currently offline for some testing)
  • Lobby balancer
  • Register plugin updated for better performance
  • Soon: LobbyFriends will be reintroduced

Besides these changes I wanted to apologize for the downtime. We are doing our very best to prevent this from happening!

More updates about Factions and other servers soon!

WhatDaFreak I got permanently banned from prison because i got killed by a hacker????? Can explain?
DarkDivine Peace be with those who understand the way of dark fate, That is what changed me Today........

HCF Map 2 released

_AlterEgo RCOwner posted Jan 20, 17

Hello everyone,

HCF is released come and check it out!

Goldendragon will be streaming HCF, you can check him out here:

MarcElson Ey, why my anti-vius is blocking this? o.o
Shadow_Fighter Eggwars hacker his name is (Fucker) anti kb
Shadow_Fighter why in gta everything reset? i lost my 5 baretts and prot 4 dia set why!!
_BoomBoyGuys, I heard if you buy a rank on KitPvP you get free op :o Not sure if it's true, but you should try it out .
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OnHAX   *special offer* - if you buy a free rank on GTA you also get a free rank on kitpvp (including boomboy's offer). it isn't 100% obtainable though, there is only a certain chance to get it. the only way is trying it out
call911   Worked!!!!!!11
ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerFrom this point on, only admins will be allowed to make posts here. Regular users may still comment, but these comments must be related to the post. Do not comment ban appeals, reports, or "PLS DO THIS" posts.
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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerIF you think there is something deemed as an "emergency", comment here. (no, you getting banned is not an emergency)
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_Brimir_   ^real problems right there^
OnHAX   follow the fucking orders for once
DarkDivine   Ben, be the you who not only changes fate but changes reality. Keep on doing great work- DarkDivine
ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerALL ban appeals go HERE.
How to Make a Ban Appeal [Official]
If you believe you have been unfairly banned, then this is the place for you to make a thread. Please remember that using the format, correct grammar, and being polite will result ...
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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerALL player reports go HERE.
How to Report a Player [Official]
This format should be used and applied on all reports, as it allows a more efficient system for staff members. If you notice a player breaking any of the server rules, please post ...
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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerquestions about the status of a server (is it off, is it on, is it being updated/fixed) go here.

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ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerSHORT questions about something can go here.

your question:
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obi   Question: Can you send me gold rush server files on skype? Will explain more there.
Skype: randomcraftobi
ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnerQuick bug reports can go here.

your report:
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madarauchiha1_what is kappa? .-.
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