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October updates

_AlterEgo RCOwner posted 20 hours ago

Hi everyone!

Creative, KitPvP and factions are finished and will be launched on the 1st of October!

Creative updates

  • Better donator world support
  • Permissions are setup better
  • Roger the rabbit has found it's way in the creative server
  • Cosmetics have been added
  • A plot menu item has been added
  • Redstone doesn't work anymore

KitPvP updates

  • Simplified
  • BattleLevels
  • New kit system
  • New ranks
  • Gangs
  • Auctions
  • Anti-Cheat plugins added

Factions updates

  • Better kits
  • Anti-cheat plugins added
  • XP to bottles converter added
  • New spawn
  • Bigger enderchest for everyone
  • Scoreboard added
  • Complete new shop
  • Hoppers and beacons can now be purchased in the shop
  • Upgrade pickaxe, you gain experience while mining and you can add a lot of different enchants on your pickaxe

Hub updates

  • Whenever you join there will be music played (TEST)
  • Friends will be added again
  • PvP sword for when a server is down and you're waiting
  • Cosmetics

Hide n Seek

  • Cosmetics added

Note, there are more updates but these are worth mentioning.

All other servers will be upgraded for better server performance, please note that we're forced to reset your data besides ranks. Prison ranks will stay but your economy will be gone most likely. Skyblock, Eggwars and Pixelmon won't reset as they're already on a newer server

Vote contest

Next month we will have an vote contest again, it has been a while ago and since we're getting back on track to become one of the best we decided to reward you with a vote contest.

  • 1st. Premium Minecraft account
  • 2nd. 20 Euro coupon code
  • 3rd. 15 Euro coupon code
  • 4th. 10 Euro coupon code
  • 5th. 5 Euro coupon code
  • 6th/10th. A vote badge on the forums, the 1st/5th will also get that


Cytus 15 Euro will be fine by me :d
Steve_Yolo I will have that badge.........
lesstrack I think you forgot to mention about gta, or it's not getting on the new host yet?

Forum Tag Reclaim!

ben1122a_ SkywarsOwner posted Sep 7, 16

All forum tag reclaims are

handled on our discord server! If

you post on the forums you will

not get your tag!

Hello Rcers!

We have finally completed our new forum tags! If you wish to reclaim your threads, you need to join our discord server and post in the forum tag reclaim chat here!

All users have had their tags removed, so if you had a tag before you will still need to reclaim it! Also, all staff now have moderator access in their respective forum categories, meaning that pixelmon admins can lock threads in the pixelmon section, skyblock admins can lock threads in the skyblock section, etc.

You may only have up to 3 tags at one time!

Reclaim format (view on discord chat as well)

FORUM USERNAME (important!):
Server(s) and Rank(s):

IGN: ben1122a_
FORUM USERNAME (important!): potatolover
Server(s) and Rank(s): skywars owner, factions potato
Proof: attached screenshot/donation email/staff rank/whatever proof you have.

mohammedhewady where i can post videos at forum ? i want to post this video because i got banned from a helper and mod that don't ...
mohammedhewady i got banned from skyblock by venmos and babbyXD for using killaura and i have video about i am not using it recording m...
xX_000x_Xx plus i feel bad that your servers been grief
tryniteis the skyblock down?
Steve_YoloI have a pen, i have an apple uhhhh apple pen
Liked this
_IntenseGaming_Hi Owner Can i apply some work Im good In designing Im 3dDesigner And Im Gblitz95 :)
ben1122a_ SkywarsOwner  add me on skype (ben1122a) and send me some examples of your work please.
Steve_YoloRelax bruh, screaming wont make the problems solved.
It needs time
lesstrack   Fixed yesterday!Have fun and sorry for the inconvenience,,
Validlyits hip to fuck bees
GamersNeverQuitim so srry
GamersNeverQuitthe server is been hacked
JonyTubeIs the server gonna be of of whitelist mode anytime soon
EthanericsGG This Server Grieft what the fuck
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