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_AlterEgo RCOwner posted Aug 4, 16

Hi everyone,

Our new registration plugin is up and the registration portal will be released today, tell your friends that actively play on Randomcraft to register there so they won't lose their accounts!

Bad news - Deja vu

Sadly ThePantsy won all claims and I'm in huge debt of PayPal right now, I will ask a friend of mine to pay for the servers this month so we don't have to go down yet. Please help us provide a healthy future for Randomcraft and purchase something in the shop or do a randomdonation on the right of the website to keep Randomcraft up. You can donate with PayPal, Paysafecard and more in our shop. You can donate with PayPal for randomdonations. From now on we won't allow people to donate for others unless you're verified by Randomcraft and if a user donates high amounts of money we will also need to get verification if it's via PayPal. This so we will never have to encounter problems like this again.

You can donate at

or you can donate here. You can also send money to via paypal. It doesn't matter if it's USD.

Everyone that donates 5 Euro or less will get this icon on the forums:

Everyone that donates 10 Euro or more will get this icon on the forums

Everyone that donates 25 Euro or more will get this icon on the forums

Everyone that donates 50 Euro or more can choose between the following icons on the forums

Everyone that donates 100 Euro or more can choose between the following icons on the forums

I hope we will get a lot of support so we can provide you with new dedicated servers! So once again you can also purchase items in the shop, that also counts!

Users that donated:

- SATish - 41.99

- Hotdogman12345 - 36,97

- like_a_pig - 24.99

- adoof - 20

- GuardianStryder - 11,98

- Anco_kokichi - 10

- briter - 10

- DarkstarPvP - 9.99

- TjeerTano - 9,99

- wolffmasterr - 9.99

- Endri999 - 9.99

- vMink 5.99

- Jackmainiac - 5

- Oasuigad - 5

- ZEo1901 - 5

- Gwiedo - 4.99

- sm3gmakoning - 4.99

- NP4U - 4.99

- mwanchor - 4.99

- John200410 - 3

- Daxxus - 1.99

- coolster3434 - 1

- Daxxus 4.99

- Gameking890 - 3,25

- xXUnKnownXx - 2,00

Please note that if you want to donate but don't have the money or you have the money but you'd rather spent it on something else that we completely understand.

M.A.K AlterEgo!!! Plz dont delete my account cuz I'm out of my homeland and I left my laptop there so the only thing I ca...
OrangePurpur Hei Owner...Why they said only staff can place spawner only ? I didnt agree that....Please just let member can place spa...
OuterRaven what i donate Anonymously i dint click the Donate Anonymously WTF how

Forum Tag Contest!

ben1122a_ SkywarsOwnero posted Jul 2, 16

Hello Rcers!

We are holding a contest to find a new forum tag developer! 

The winner will receive a free rank!

Click here for the contest details!

TheUltimateOne Ign: TheUltimateOne
SufySufy I made one.
MrMuriloZoaBr se quiser time fala com mico no skype ok () murilozouabr
Bluegamer0410I want to report
The skyblock admin mute me for saying
pls report the kysjoe
Lanz Snyder   [link] follow the format
VenomsHDYo can i get the 5 euro or less icon because i donated 5 euros and saw that i get an icon with it :d
lolster54dear owner fardarkness droped a helix fossil and emmy picked it up without fardarkness knowing and now hes sad cuz emmy sold it to someone else
SethRollins15I want to play Hide and Seek but I can't! It said you are not in the whitelist. What can I do?
_Brimir_ tag  wait till the whitetlist gets shut down.
BllyHow to appeal for OP
OnHAX   Just be friends with rattytat, tell him you're from planetminecraft and that you stay 69 hours a day online. You will get OP for sure =)
AgentMineCrafterwhat happened to creative ? its been down since like 2 weeks :(
yusonoobHacker in server
gameking890/bc Join the new chat &3 No downloas required &2 [link]
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